How can we help you?

Clean Kitchen

Home Cleaning

Starting at $150

A girl and her dog

House/ Pet Sitting

$45 a day

Neat Storage Boxes

Purge & Organize

Up to 3 hours for $175


Errand Runner

When your to-do list is way too long. 

$45 per hour

Folding Shirts


Deliver and pick-up $45 + cost

Help with Cooking

Buddy System

We will help you with whatever you need around the house 


In Addition... 

Cleaning the Floor

Cleaning for Kids

Want someone to teach your kids how to clean the bathroom? 1 hour + Checklist and Kit

$167 (or $77 w/o kit)
Cleaning Products

Cleaning Kit

If you are a new client you may want your very own cleaning kit to keep up on things on your own! We will show you how to use everything in it!


Fees: Button Babes requires a Non-Refundable $50 Initial Walkthrough Fee. When you hire Button Babes for services, we will apply this $50 fee to your $100 cleaning deposit kept on file. 

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