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You got questions? 

We have answers!

  • Do you do home organizing? Decluttering?
  • Do you offer topless or other "specialty" cleaning?"
  • Are your cleaners background checked and insured?
  • I want to start my own cleaning business, can you help me?"
    Absolutely! Karissa has a online course to help other cleaners who would like to grow their business. Learn more here:
  • Do I need to be home when the cleaners come?
    It's your home and your choice. We don't mind either way! We love getting to know our clients personally so we love talking as we work...but if you'd rather not be home that is ok too!
  • How many cleaners come each time?
    We send out teams of 2 or 3 and sometimes at the end of the day we all join forces to help each other finish our last houses.
  • What if I have pets?
    We are very accustomed to pets being around. If you have an animal that is not friendly with strangers we do ask that you keep them put away in a crate or a room that won't be cleaned. Also if they walk on a freshly mopped floor please understand we are not responsible for them leaving foot prints. =)
  • How do cleaners gain access to my home? What about a business?
    Typically we keep garage or door codes on file. We do not take keys for residential cleaning. We do take keys for businesses but if there is a door code that is preferred.
  • How much are services?
    Send us a message and we will customize a package based upon your needs and preferences. We typically start with a walk through and then set up a time budget and pricing. Prices start at $150 for house cleaning and our other prices are listed in our services menu.
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